What’s Happening with DJ Rolling Thunder

Music Library created.

dmx light controller

Welcome to my music library.

My DJ Rolling Thunder theme song was the first quality remix I produced. It is used as an intro to many of my gig’s.

Thanks to my buddy Dave F. for the great voice over.

My Theme Song
​DJRT Original Remix’s.
Newest Release Sat, Mar 14 2023

Rezz & Deadmau5 – Hypnocurrency Extended Remix

​I’ve created a few mixes from LUDOVICO EINAUDI.
Time Lapse


Coming soon
dj stage
turn tables
​Paul Oakenfold Remix.
​My interpretation of the masters work.
Live from Space in Ibiza, Live from Havana Live from NY CD2, Another World CD 1&2.
Remixed from these great CD’s
Part 1
Part 2

Shows and Videos

millerville event feb 18 2023

After a fun night Saturday, February 18th at the Millerville Club, 8 Lloyde Street Blackstone Ma. We are working on a return appearance within the next 2 weeks.

I want to thank everyone involved in setting up the opportunity to play and looking forward to even more gigs.

Millerville Image


Latest light show #2.

Boston – Fore Play Long

Light show #1 Radar Love

Radar love video
Radar Love

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